Cursor Editor

Sib Cursor Editor 3.13

Sib Cursor Editor 3.13: Try a fresh version of a smart mouse pointer editor! Cursor Editor is your palette, your canvas and your paintbrush for creating cursors of your own. You can become a virtual artist and plunge into the world of art: all you need is to install Sib Cursor Editor. This is a sure way to diversify the look of your desktop and change the monotonous style of your work. With Sib Cursor Editor you`ll be able to create and edit static and animated cursors in color depths up to 16 million colors; create and edit

Axialis CursorWorkshop 6.33: Tool designed to create mouse cursors for Windows, web sites and applications
Axialis CursorWorkshop 6.33

cursors. The new generation of cursors uses variable transparency (alpha channel). This feature permits creating beautiful cursors with smooth borders and shadows. CursorWorkshop fully supports alpha channel in RGB cursor images. Use drag and drop to easily make attractive cursors from various ready to use image objects in seconds. A powerful editor permits to create cursors using various tools, filters and effects. Once an image is created, add

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ArtCursors 5.24: You can find, create, edit, import, export cursors and manage cursor libraries
ArtCursors 5.24

Cursors allows you to import, export and change color palettes for cursor images. With ArtCursors, you are can split compound cursor s into simple images and break down entire cursor libraries into individual cursors. You can also create your own cursor libraries. ArtCursors scans files and folders for cursor s, deletes identical cursors from libraries, sorts cursors within libraries, performs drag and drop operations to files from Windows Explorer

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QuickEditor 4.0.4065.19217: A small, quick and everytime accessible notepad
QuickEditor 4.0.4065.19217

Editor, it will hide itself in the left "screen-frame" and will stay there until you move your mouse-cursor to the left side of your screen. Then QuickEditor will instantly pop-up and is ready for your input. QuickEditor is designed to run always in the background and if you instantly need a place to put information in, you can use QuickEditor. Is QuickEditor free? Yes! QuickEditor is absolutely free - no Shareware, it`s Freeware! Also for commercial

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BildCommander 2 2.11.07: A full-fledged image editing program with high-resolution color. 

You can also
BildCommander 2 2.11.07

A full-fledged image editing program with high-resolution color. You can also use the icon editor of the BildCommander 32-bit semitransparent icons ARGB with colors and animated cursor open, create, edit, store and play. You can convert images into icons or icons in bitmaps. For 3D stereo images 3D images to create Anaglyph (red / green glasses). JPEG optimizer real steplessly in! adjustable. In the photo you have the possibility of an im

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AZ Icon Editor 7.0.0: A full-featured Icon Editor to create and edit icons and cursors of any size
AZ Icon Editor 7.0.0

Editor is a full-featured and powerful Icon Editor for creating and editing icons of any size and color depth, as well as Windows static or animated cursors. The program provides all the icon/cursor drawing tools and a variety of advanced image manipulation functions, with an extremely efficient arrangement. Features include Auto Generate Multi-Icon File covering items of 256x256 PNG and items from 8x8 to 128x128 ICO. Acclaimed as one of the best

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GoldIcon 1.12: Goldicon is a small icon editor, which assists to create an icon in record-time.
GoldIcon 1.12

We experience that too many people have difficulties creating a suitable icon. The main problem for this is that the standard image editing tools are not able to edit and save icon files. To be of assistance, Goldshell has created a small icon editor, which allows you to create an icon in record-time. And more good news: it`s for free! Download GoldIcon now, and start creating your own icons!

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